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Automate your Option Trading Strategy
  • June 13, 2021
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An easy-to-use execution platform called, OptionX where any traders can automate their option trading strategy without any coding. Also, they can simply copy/paste their existing strategy from Stockmock and execute it with optionx.inplatform.

There are list of pre-defined strategies available in the platform, you just have to click on any of the strategy, click trade to execute the same. If a user want to execute Short Straddle strategy, he just has to select it, enter the desired stop loss %, I have specified 25% in the below example.

And click on Trade button, you just have to select your broker.

Based on the LTP of Bank Nifty spot, the bot would automatically calculate ATM strikes along with 25% stop loss orders, you just have to click on place.

All orders will get placed instantly

You can verify the orders in your Zerodha account as well

And can see pending STOP LOSS orders

If you want to execute any multi leg strategy that you have created with stockmock, you just have to copy/paste the link in

Paste the strategy and submit

OptionX platform will automatically load your strategy, you just have to click Trade and execute

All multi legs option strategy can be executed with click of a button

You can also customize your own strategy, you just have to select the desired instrument Nifty or Bank Nifty, select weekly or monthly contracts, specify the strikes you want, lot size, stop loss and targets. If you wish to execute the strategy at 10 am, just save the strategy, login at 10 am and click on Trade. That’s all. It will get executed instantly.

As a launch offer, we are providing OptionX platform for free now without any charges. The click to execute feature has its own limitations, it currently supports Zerodha, Aliceblue and Angel Broking only, trailing stop loss and sqaureoff both legs feature cannot be used. But with fully automated feature, these limitations can be removed. Very soon, we will come up with a fully automated option, where users don’t need to click on trade, they can simply schedule at what time they want their strategy to get executed, it will execute automatically at the specified time.

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Currently it supports Zerodha, Angel Broking and Aliceblue

As a launch offer, we don’t charge any fees. It’s free.

No, since we use publisher API, you don’t need to pay any subscription charges to Zerodha. 

144 comments on “Automate your Option Trading Strategy without coding

  1. Hello Raj

    Great work but just a question that in case my option strategy is based on some technical signal then how we can do that . Thanks

  2. This is most waiting feature that squareoff launch appreciate they work now retailer will happy to execute their orders very much thankyou.

  3. This is a good start. I hope your team can improve on UI. I like stockmock UI and getting it very close to it will help in the smooth transit of strategy from backtesting to real trading. Quantiply guys are doing a good job in it.

  4. I watched your video in elearn . Honestly I am getting more than 3 % return with nifty straddle strategy. It is really worth. Thank you for your guidance.
    Can I use it with sharekhan account ?

  5. will it same as it, if we copy paste link as stock moke has wait and trade option. and i tried to execute order i faced some issue, when i click broker it didn’t work

  6. I trade in index option,please help me how to use your software helps me
    Ananda.P.V.Mob 07892764335,Bangalore

  7. For time based orders, what’s the point in again loging-in at particular time frame & clicking on trade? Same thing can be done with basket order even. Instead can it be implemented like an alarm? If we set time frame for strategy it should select atm as per cmp with respect to given time & execute orders, there should not any login at the same particular time.

      1. Hi Team, is OptionX ready with all the filly automation including the SL and with different time frames?

  8. Dear Sir,
    This is an awesome platform to trade.
    Just want to know If I set my trading time once e.g. 12pm will BOT place order automatically everyday?
    Also does this have an auto exit if I fixed time e.g. EXIT by 1455 everyday?
    This ENTRY EXIT and Trailing STOPLOSS would work fantastic if automated
    Thank you sir

  9. only alice blue trade is authorize with already define strategy other not supported and when copy paste from stock mock strategy none of broker trade showing.

  10. Would it take care of automatic square off?
    How to square off on a combined premium target in case of multiple legs, like for example on a short straddle?

    1. Day end squareoff should be taken care by user, combined premium target is possible through fully automated option as it involves constant tracking

  11. hi kiru, i was looking for the ” wait and trade” feature of stockmock
    i tried it in your platform but its not working.

  12. great work .it will be a boon for retail traders.
    just one query. option x execution works perfect with laptop/desktop but fails while using mobile. Any reason?

  13. Have there been any errors or failures like one leg is executed and the second leg is not executed?

  14. Sir, I saw the video of Learn Rule Based Options Trading Strategy & Backtesting Bank Nifty short straddle on youtube it is No.1.
    Dear Sir, Bank Nifty Straddle- The stop loss in the system is 25% but after logging into Zerodha by OptionX it shows around 29%. Is it necessary to modify it at 25% stop loss as per rule or place order without modifying it?

    1. What happens with optionx is, once you add necessary option legs and click on Trade button, the bot calculcates what the current price of Bank Nifty and accorindgly chooses respective ATM strikes and also it checks whats the LTP of option price at that time and calculates the necessary stop loss. But if you take little bit more time to click on execute, then the LTP of option price could move. So stop loss is always calculated based on the time you click the trade not based on executed price.

      1. Yes, I am 1 minute late in taking trade {only paper trade}, sir you are right. Thank you very much for the bank nifty short straddle guidence

  15. Hi squareoff team , optionx feature is really awesome ..I have one strategy which is having different entry times and different stop losses based on daywise ,so how to implement this .

    1. We are implementing time based scheduling strategy next month, once this feature is out, you can simply schedule the strategy to run at specified time

  16. If I want to place multiple option legs at same time will it considered as basket order by broker ? How many margin will required for that ?

    1. Yes, it will be considered as basket order, for margin requirements, you need to check with respective broker. After SEBI margin rule, the margin requirement doesn’t change much with different brokers. You need to have 1.6 lacs approx to short one lot.

  17. Please can you guide me, how can I link the Alice Blue API to the OptionX.
    (Bank Nifty Short Straddle that I derived from stock mock)

  18. Profit trailing is also required on strategy level , when will that be available? Also max loss say 2k overall and exit simply everything that feature on two leg or say 4 leg strategy. Also when can we expect tie up with a broker like SAS that is good for saving brokerage big time. You can charge your fee. Thanks

  19. For bank nifty Short straddles
    sir what is the right time to take a trade after 9.20am? Immediately 01sec 02sec 03sec or 59sec. I tested 4 plus year on stock mock at 9.20 am but not 1,2,3 seconds. Please guide

  20. Just want to know If I set my trading time once e.g. 10am will BOT place order automatically everyday?
    Also does this have an auto exit if I fixed time e.g. EXIT by 3pm everyday?

  21. when i trade through optionX it takes some times different strike not as per Bank nifty ATM
    why this problems occur most of time and SL also so far some time. Please solve this problem

  22. Hi Team, thanks for coming up with wonderful work. Is OptionX is fully ready now? Can we just copy paste the strategy from stockmock and trade directly including SL and other rules? Please let me know the status and thanks in advance.

  23. Hi, Great Site made by you guys. I have a one problem in Option x that Angle broking option is not working. Can you pl help me on this.

  24. Hi Team, Im unable to trade from Aliceblue. Its stuck at page displaying “Redirecting…”. Can you please guide to resolve it.

  25. My three questions:
    1. When will the fully automated version will released and how much it will cost?
    2. Can we trade complex strategies like automatic adjusted straddle in final version?
    3. When will optionx support sasonline?

  26. Hi,
    The configurations is ok, I need to execute Short straddle ATM+100 automatically at 11.55AM. how can i set this feature. As of now manually i execute every day

  27. Hello Sir,

    Great initiative!! Can you please tell us by when the scheduling feature for customized strategy will be available with OptionX? Will the new scheduling feature support only entry time or exit time as well?

  28. When is the premium version coming out? Will it be fully automated to exit positions if there’s a certain percentage of combined premium is stop loss?

  29. Will the fully automated version support trade based on technical analysis like super trend, rsi etc on spot and option chart?
    What’s the expected date of release of final version

  30. Hi Kiru,

    AVS here. I have 3 specific questions before I open account with you:
    1) If I open the Angel broking account through your referral link, would I be able to use OptionX platform for free for life time or for specific time ?
    2) Also, would the future enhancements if any in OptionX would also be available for me if I open the account now under free scheme ?
    3) Does the Option X allow me to design and deploy my own strategies depending on my definition of ATM strike to be the strike whose PE & CE rates are closest (instead of ATM based on spot) ?

    Please reply clearly so I can decide between your organization vs others. Thank you.

  31. I am getting error as NFO is disabled , however it is active and I disabled it only for 12 hrs and even after getting it activated I am still getting the error

  32. Can you please give an option for selection of option strike based on atm straddle price in optionx?

  33. like to trade in option buying. Do you have ant readily available BOT for long strangle with slighly ITM strike price

  34. It is a great blog post. I am Always reading your blog. Helpful and Informative blog. Thanks for sharing this information with us. Built by traders, for everyone – with 10+ years of experience in the markets, both in India and on Wall Street, our mission is to educate you by providing the right set of tools to make rational decisions for your investments.

  35. Hi.
    please let know whether trailing Stoploss feature is available in the OptionX. If available, how to use it?

  36. possible to add finvasia broker ??? when ??? for low margin retail trader finvasia is good option to save broker cost around per month 3000 to 4000….

  37. Hi Team,
    i have a few queries, could you please advice.
    1. can i design a strategy based on ema crossover in your platform?
    2. can i automate it?
    3. what are the charges?
    thank you.

  38. Do you have any option to exit the trades after the combined p&l of the leg’s hit a certain target(automatically).

  39. Can i put a combined stoploss or target on both the legs of my strangle? for eg when my combined profit of both the legs reaches a certain point, no matter what the prices of single leg is. It executes the trade

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