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  • October 24, 2019
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Real time Stock Alerts — Important Announcements & Bulk Deal

As a trader/investor, it is essential stay updated with latest developments happening with a stock. Most of us are busy with day job and hardly get time to monitor the news/announcements of any stocks. Sites like moneycontrol and other websites are loaded up with lots of information and it is difficult to filter the noise and grab the required info.

Even Intraday traders who trade on stocks, are always on the look out of stocks that makes sudden movement based on certain news, so that they could get in and make some quick profits but they end up watching CNBC new channels all day. Even then before the news goes to the public channel, as per regulations exchanges are first informed about announcements. So big institutions who has access to such real time information, create their trading positions even before retail investors gets in.

There had to be a better way, so we created a Telegram bot that would monitor all NSE 500 stocks for you and sent an instant alerts if there are any important announcements.

Granules gets FDA approval

Glenmark launches new drug

L&T wins a order

If there is any stock that is going up drastically or going down much, it will be grabbed by the bot instantly and pulls up relevant stock news and share it with Telegram channel users by the trading bot we created. Not only that, you can even place trades instantly for such stocks through our free trading bot.

You can access the free bot using this link

Also many times, big mutual funds and investors purchase huge quantity of stocks from open market. If we could follow these big fish, then as a retail investors we have a better edge. Recently HDFC mutual fund and other major fund houses activity were seen and the bot sent instant alerts to the users.

If you are interested and wanted to have access to these instant alerts at free of cost, make use of this telegram bot.

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