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  • October 26, 2021
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The Squareoff trading bots ( have been running live since April 2020, so far it has generated around 3 Cr + profits to all our bot users. We have many different trading bots focused on Equity cash segment, Options selling, Option buying and Bank Nifty futures.

The listed below are the top 5 bots which made the maximum profits for the users. The 9:20 Bank Nifty short straddle bot is the highest profit maker, which made 1.2 Cr gross profit in last one year.

Bank Nifty Short straddle bot:

It has made around 85% profit so far in live markets. You can go to and click on any of the bot in left side, which will display the detailed report of the bot on right side. Just scroll down to the last to know how it performed with one lot.

Here’s the day wise profit analysis, most of the days it has ended up in green in the year 2021.

This is how overall returns % made from Monday to Friday, as we mentioned earlier, Fridays are not profitable for this bot. We recommend users to run Bank Nifty short straddle bot from Monday to Thursday.

This is how overall statistics looks like for one lot, Rs. 3 lacs recommended capital to trade one lot.

Machine Learning bot:

This is the second most profitable bot which was launched in Nov 2020, its been almost a year now and it has made around 1 Crore profit to all machine learning bot users, which is around 45% returns. The biggest advantage of Machine learning bot is it is not as volatile as other bots. It makes consistent returns and when the trade goes wrong it comes out as quickly as possible. But the recommended capital to trade this strategy is 6 lacs per lot, since it trades both Nifty and Bank Nifty weekly option. Its a directional option selling intraday bot.

This is the only bot which makes over all profits from Monday to Friday, all days are good days. However, Monday seems to least profitable day for machine learning bot when compared to other days. So the best would be run ML bot between Tuesday to Friday.

This is how over all statistics looks like for one lot with machine learning bot

Golden Ratio Bank Nifty futures bot:

This is the 3rd best bot making 75 lacs profit to all GRB bot users, that’s around 150% returns in last 1.5 years. Maximum profit came from last year 2020, GRB bot is a trend following/breakout trading pattern bot, so it makes most of the profits from few large winning trades and rest of the time it limits the loss as it uses a fixed stop loss.

The maximum profit from GRB bot came from Wednesdays and Mondays. But since its a trend following bot, no one knows when a big trend might come. So its better to trade GRB futures bot on all days, however GRB option bot which triggers trades based on future levels, you can trade that GRB option bot except on expiry days, since decay will lot higher on expiry days, its better to trade GRB futures on expiry days and option on non expiry days. We are also providing GRB options bot at free of cost for all users who open account under squareoff referral using this link

Here’s the stats for one lot of GRB futures bot, where recommended capital is 3 lacs per lot.


RSI Trading BOT:

Its a short only intraday trading strategy which shorts the stocks in cash segment with a fixed stop loss of 3% and fixed target of 6%, its a kind of mean reversion strategy where it shorts the stocks that has gone up too quickly. It has made around 60% profits in last one year.


The RSI bot also made profits all days between Monday to Friday, where the maximum profits has come from Mondays.


And this is how overall returns looks like for capital of Rs.50,000


Bank Nifty Short strangle:

This is another option selling intraday bot which was launched only from this year March 2021 onwards and it has made around 32% profits so far. It is also one of the consistent performer.


Strangely Bank Nifty short strangle bot has done well on Fridays, the maximum profit came from Fridays and Mondays are the least profitable for this bot.


3 lacs per lot is the recommended capital to trade Bank nifty short strangle bot and here’s how stats looks like for one lot



The key to successful trading is to diversify with two or three different uncorrelated trading bots, which will make your equity curve much smoother and makes trading less hard. Even though it is the algorithm which makes the trading for you, still you have the control, so when the journey is tough many people would quit trading thinking trading is hard. But the truth is trading is simple but not easy, we just need to have the right discipline to stick to the system during draw downs, only then we can reap the benefit in the long run and that happens only when we trade with the right capital instead of over leveraging. The above information we shared would be really useful to diversify and plan your trading bots execution much easier.

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  1. Which two is best for better Co relation factor as you discussed with vishal mehta in one session. As it is very tough calculation.

  2. Dear Sir,
    As per stockmock, the re-entry which helps in improving pl and decreasing drawdown. Are you planning to implement re-entry on stoploss soon in banknifty straddle strategy ?

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