Algo Trading in India |

Its an intraday short only strategy, that picks up the list of stocks which are expected to revert to mean, the max no of open position will be only 10 stocks max, which places entry, target and stop loss, Where target is 6% and stop loss is 3%. This strategy was basically developed by Mr. Vishal Mehta who explained the details of this strategy in Learnapp we just created a tool to automate it.

You need to give capital input to the bot every day between 8am to 9am, from 9:15 am the bot would start firing orders as and when conditions are satisfied. Along with the entry order, it will place stop loss and target orders as well.

Once you give input, click on trade. The bot will be in running state. Anytime during the day you can modify the given capital, you can increase or decrease it. Also you can stop the bot whenever you want and also if you are in profits and want to lock the profits and close it for the day, then you simply have to click on Squareoff which will close all open positions.

If you want to interfere manually after the entries are placed by bot, say you see that currently some of the positions are in profits and you want to close those trades, then first you need to stop the bot. And then from your trading terminal you can manually close the positions and book profits, if you don’t stop the bot, then bot will assume the positions are open and accordingly it will react.

Rules are:

1) Current day Closing price of the day > 200 day moving average
2) 2 period RSI > 50
3) closing price should be at least 3% above from the previous day close
4) Entry – short the stock the next day (Limit order) at 1% higher from the closing price
5) stop loss 3% and Target is 6%


RSI BOT is one of most consistent performing bot which has made more than 45 lacs profits in real time with customer’s account so far since June 2020.