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Data is the new oil, at Squareoff we firmly believe there are lot of hidden gems if we dig deep with the data. For months we have been working on this machine learning bot.

How does Machine learning bot works?

Unlike our other trading bots which works based on price patterns and other historical data, ML bot works based on live data that includes everything price, volume, Open interest, volatility, we added as much as data we can, so that the BOT can quickly analyze the datasets and make buy/sell decisions. there are days where the ML bot could trigger multiple trades (as high as 12 to 15 trades in a day) and it never uses any targets but has predefined stop loss of 25% as a part of our risk management. we recommend users to trade with only just one or two lots for few months and gradually scale up the size. Trade this bot only with the capital you can afford to lose, we see ML bot could be a big game changer with dynamic analysis, over the longer run it should generate higher returns.


The ML bot trades on both Nifty and Bank Nifty, based on the live data it shorts ATM CE or PE, and keeps a risk management stop loss with each trade. The ML bot will keep changing the positions from CE to PE or PE to CE based on incoming data. It works like Stop and Reverse system, if the data suggest to short Call option, it shorts ATM call option and waits for PE signal to appear, if the data suggests to short Put option, then it will squareoff the existing call option, cancel the existing Call option stop loss and initiates PUT option strike. 

The default stop loss is kept as a part of risk management, in case of any issues from broker side due to which connection gets lost, then ML bot users will be at risk if we don’t keep a stop loss in the order book, thats why bot places default stop loss, but when next order is triggered, those SL orders are cancelled along with squaring off open positions. We recommend to trade this bot with minimum 3 lacs as capital per lot.

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  1. Last few days combined ml bot has given -17% on normal margin. I used 4x leverage and more than half of my capital is now gone. Started with 10 l now it’s less than 4l. How can I recover my losses?

    1. manual trading is the best, atleast you have some control. machines do not bother whether you make profit or loss.

      1. You should not put a trade without understanding the risk involved. It is your mistake to increase the leverage. Do not complain about Bots or Computer. They are far superior to our monkey minds.

        1. ML bot showing return of 38.71% since november 2020. bank nifty index has given return of 66% in the same period.

    2. first of all try to get out of trading , if you go for recovering the losses , you will end up giving 4 lakh as well . Try in equity intraday and stocks investing . You will recover your losses easily

  2. Sir today also heavy loss. Total 4% loss is nrml margin total 25% in nrml last 7 days. 80% of my capital wiped out in last 5 days. I am taking loan now to recover

    1. Do not over leverage, recommended capital is at least 2 lacs per lot, higher the leverage, higher the risk. And completely avoid trading based on borrowed money. That’s a big blunder one can do.

  3. What is ROI per month, if i started with Rs.2 lacs capital.
    Also plz publish every bot’s performance with minimum capital requirement for each trader

  4. manual trading is the best, atleast you have some control. machines do not bother whether you make profit or loss.

    1. Machine learning bot involves high level complex concepts where tons of data is feed into the machine and bot chooses it own rule based on the data, we do not feed in any rules.

      1. I am closely observing your bots performance. Ever day a every a different bot is winner. Do you understand the traders psyche.

  5. i think it is not advisable to trade any system at least with minimum 4 to 5 years of back test data

    1. Yes, that’s why most of trading bots are backtested with vast number of data, however Machine learning bot is something completely different from tradtional strategy, which couldn’t be backtested, that’s why we recommended users to go with limited capital initially and then scale up, and we are really gald that ML bot is doign well so far

          1. Hello Team – Can we limit Machine learning BOT to only trade Bank Nifty. That way, we can deploy lesser capital of let’s say 2 lakhs per lot

          2. machine learning bot is designed to trade both nifty and bnf, that is one of the main reason it keep the drawdown intact, at times BNF does well at times nifty does well. So we wouldn’t be able to segregate the instruments with mL bot

  6. Hi, two lakh per lot would be for options right? For eg, for nifty one lot option would be around say Rs. 40000, remaining amount ie Rs. 1.60 lakh would sit idle?
    And the returns shown on telegram in percentage terms would be on Rs. 40k right? Kindly clarify.

  7. Monthly data seems incorrect. Given the large DD, ML bot should be making losses in March or April month.

    1. Drawdown was recovered by the month end, pnl is calculated from month start to end, and drawdown occured during the month recovers.

  8. I didn’t understand why performance is showing in heavy numbers in telegram. Show it how it will be per lot basis.

  9. Hi. I am part of ur telegram group for many months. I was considering to sign up but I have observed a major issue where, if I consider the daily profit % shared in the telegram group and assume I allocated say 100/- for each of the 14 bots every day, then I see that in 5 month period ending in June 2021, we would be in loss because some bots don’t trigger hence more capital used. Since I am using same amount say 100/-or 3lakhs for each bot daily, I ca calculate profit by simply adding all positive daily % for all bots & deduct all negative % of that day from it. So I take that return% and keep adding such calculated figure daily for last several months (ending June 2021), it shows losses & also less return since many bots don’t use capital everyday.
    Infact this is more scientific way to report results than how much each bot made every day because this number is a function of how much capital was allocated by users on that day.

    So Going by my calculation, I am confused how it’s possible that returns are in negative??

    May be profit is function of which bot people are putting money most times. Or something else must be missing. But I calculated based On daily reprot shared in Telegram and it showed negative return. Very confused. Can you do the calculation I mentioned above to show net nav daily if some allocates 100/- daily on each of the bots? This would be scientific way to do. Because people are not that much interested in how much all users made but on how much return all bots generated over time of equal amount was allocated to them daily. For this calculation, you can exclude bots which are designed to work on specific days of the week.

    Please share this as I am considering to deploy my capital into this.

  10. Please create one Nifty Straddle Bot with 25% and 40% SL @ 10.30, by 10.30 all noise gone and market settle to move one direction, Drawdown is very less compared to 9.20 straddle..

      1. Does have reentry option? Please confirm. If not kindly let us know by when this feature will be available. Thanks.

  11. Whatever complex algorithm this bot uses, it should have matured by now. Out of 4 trades it took for me, it lost 3. Amazing bot.

    1. Statistically it can generate 10 losses in a row, got be prepared for it. No easy money in markets. As clearly mentioned here you can face 70k drawdown. That’s why recommended capital for this bot is 4 lacs per lot. Users who have expectation of making profits every day through bot will be disappointed.

  12. How much capital required for machine learning trade.i saw your only for the day is 1.7L today.hope u have traded in all segments

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