Algo Trading in India |

Do not have time for Intraday trading and want to do positional trading ? Do you see your stop loss gets hit and again market moves in your anticipated direction, making you to lose the profit opportunity? Not sure where to keep your targets/stop loss?

Here’s a Trading Strategy that just requires few minutes of your time to analyze and less than a minute to execute the trades. You don’t need a software, any trading bots, you don’t even need complex indicators or charts.

Its a mix of Fundamental and Quantitative rules, the fundamental rules tells you which stocks to choose and the Quant rules tells you when you enter and exit. The strategy has been thoroughly tested with 22+ years of historical data which covers many bear and bull market periods and that makes this strategy more robust.

You don’t need multi years of experience to handle this strategy, any beginners can learn it and start trading it live from the next day. It can be applied to stocks cash segment, stock & Index futures as well.

Its an 1.5 hours online training video that covers every aspect of trading strategy. The results of this strategy can be downloaded here

Highest winning accuracy >90% accuracy system
Consistent Returns & Easy to implement
Tested since 1994, robust results and historically proven
Any beginners can trade this strategy with minimum capital
Works with both stocks and index
No Complexity involved