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Training video on Bank Nifty Golden Ratio Intraday Trading Strategy

When every day market is having gap down or gap up, it becomes hard for positional traders. This intraday strategy is specifically designed for bank nifty to make superior returns during volatile times. The strategy doesn’t not involve any indicators

This strategy doesn’t require frequent monitoring, so alerts are not required. The system will generate trigger levels in few mins after market opens, you can simply place the order and continue your work.

Tested with 10 years of data, across all markets, and it works exceptionally on this high volatile markets, makes huge returns during this time. Duration of webinar will be around two hours and recorded sessions will be provided to all registered participants.

On an average only 8 trades in a month will be triggered, as mentioned above you don’t need to sit whole day to trade, levels will be generated when market opens, you can place the order and continue with your job.

  • No Technical Analysis Skills required, involves only price levels.
  • No Software or Real time data required
  • This system does not require capital in lacs, can be traded with min capital
  • You can trade from Mobile, Just spend 15 mins daily to determine Entry & Exit using this rules
  • Simple & Effective Trading system
  • It is one of best performing strategy that works very well during high volatile environment.

The historical results of this strategy can be downloaded from this link