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We have already launched Bank Nifty short straddle bot and its been running successfully since last six months. With Short straddle, we are shorting ATM options, but with Short strangle bot we will short 200 points away OTM options with 25% stop loss parameter, no targets.

We short one lot of ATM+200 points, ATM-200 points options strike at 9:30 am every day with 25% stop loss on each leg, we will choose weekly expiry not monthly expiry as the decay is more with weekly options.

For example, if we short ATM CE options at Rs.100, then our stop loss is 125, when that is hit we exit CE, if not we exit by EOD only. Please note that we exit only the strike that hits the stop loss, not both legs. 

The drawdown with short strangle is comparatively minimal than short straddle, since premium is lesser with OTM options. Traders who are already trading Short straddle are already making profits, by trading strangle along with it, their option strikes are diversified with ATM and OTM options, which helps in additional premium decays hence more profits. Recommended capital to trade one lot is 3 Lacs.

25 comments on “Bank Nifty Short Strangle Intraday Trading Bot

    1. As mentioned in the article above, its gross results. You can use stockmock platform and add in your slippages as per your desired levels to know the net results.

  1. There is a flaw with your data in short straddle double top strategy. You said 75% only 1 side sl hit. For example we short both ce at 400 and pe at ,400. If pe sl hits 500 then ce would be around 330-340 right? So if we short ce around 330 now as per your double top so noe 25% sl would be close to 400 and not the intial 500 as sl. You following this through your algo for subscribers? If yes m your next client. You have backtested/ forward tested data of this?

  2. Can I adjust bots, for example I want to do shot straddle on tue,wed & thu and Fri & mon I want to do short strangle or I want to change SL

  3. if a 25% stop loss is hit and one leg(CE) gets exit and other leg(PE) still opens right, in that case what happens if other leg(PE) also hits stop loss? does that mean you will square of both legs? can you able to provide more details around this?

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