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The Bank Nifty Golden Ratio Intraday Trading bot based on volatility breakout trading system which is fully automated with Alice Blue , Angel Broking, Fyers and Trustline broker. Its one of the most robust and stable strategy that generates consistent returns year after year. This strategy doesn’t trigger trades every day, it waits for the big trending moves and initiates the trade, on an average only 8 or 9 trades are triggered in a month. The details of the strategy is available in this paid training video

Here’s the live performance metrics of the Bank Nifty futures Golden Ratio Trading Strategy is available here

As per the back test report, this strategy has given consistent year-on-year profits for last ten years.

Subscription cost: Rs.17700 per year

Recommended capital:  3 lacs per lot

17 comments on “Bank Nifty Futures Intraday Bot

  1. I am looking for banknifty algo where i can buy 2strike ce and pe as per my rate ..multileg straddle

  2. Explain ur charges 17700 yrly + traing video charges ?
    Or only training video charges sufficient?
    Can we pay your charges on monthly basis ?

  3. If there will be a freak trade then there will be no loss more than the stop loss, your bot has found a solution for this.Monday Wednesday (GRB Future) Thursday (NSS) Friday (BSSR) Total drawdown 36.50% / Total Return 196% / Trade 3 bots with 3,20,000 rs/ different bots different days. Sir is it ok to do ?

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