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The Bank Nifty Golden Ratio Intraday Trading bot based on volatility breakout trading system which is fully automated with Alice Blue , Angel Broking, Fyers and Trustline broker. Its one of the most robust and stable strategy that generates consistent returns year after year. The details of the strategy is available in this paid training video

Here’s the performance metrics of the Bank Nifty futures Golden Ratio Trading Strategy

The historical results of this strategy can be downloaded from this link


Here’s the live profits made by GRB bot since inception, in last one year total live returns were more than 200%

18 comments on “Bank Nifty Futures Intraday Bot

    1. Our bot works only with four brokers AliceBlue, Fyers, Angel Broking and Trusline

      We provide a 7 days free trial, followed by a charge Rs.29500 per year to access all different trading strategy bots. Minimum capital required to trade cash segment bot is 25k and min cap req to trade fno bot is 50k to trade one lot

  1. If you can start a monthly plan also, many retail traders can also start to use your trading bot and purchase all 12 trading bots according to their convenience, as a result, the retail traders can grow as well as your company too! Kindly think about a new marketing plan, please!!! Regards, Biju

    1. You don’t need to go for monthly plans, as we provide three trading bots at free of cost for all users who open AliceBlue account under our referral using this link

      Mentioned below are three bots you get Lifetime access to GRB option buying bot Bank Nifty Options orb Monday bot Orb bank nifty 2pm futures bot

  2. It says even with Fyers opening account you are giving 3 free bots for trading. Is this right? If so, which are the 3 free bots?

  3. I have account with zerodha & tradesmart online ..

    Do I need to open with any three of them or you have tie up zerodha or tradesmartonline .

    If I open new account then what will be charges for trading Future and options positional or intraday.

  4. Zerodha and Upstox are the two most popular trading platforms.
    Why is it that does not support both the brokers?
    Can you please explain?
    The majority of the traders use Zerodha and Upstox.
    Did you not talk with these companies?

    1. Both Zerodha and Upstox charge for API, since we provide fully automated trading bots based on broker’s API, users have to pay and subscribe to API, it costs around 4000 per month for API, so users end up paying Rs.48,000 every year just to access their API. We add only brokers who provide free api, so that users don’t need to pay any additional cost to brokers for using trading bots.

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