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The Bank Nifty Golden Ratio Intraday Trading bot is made fully automated with Alice Blue , Angel Broking, Fyers and Trustline broker. Its one of the most robust and stable strategy that generates consistent returns year after year.
How it works:

Please login to Our Algo Dashboard account after 8am every day

Login with your Facebook account or Google Account

Enter your user id /password

Now click on enter capital to the Futures Golden Ratio Bank Nifty strategy

Now click Trade after you enter the capital, all your inputs will be recorded, as and when orders are triggered it will be executed in your aliceblue account automatically.

If you wish to modify capital anytime, you can do so by clicking on Modify and enter updated capital and submit again. Also if you wish to stop the bot anytime during the day, you can do the so by clicking the stop button on the respective bots, which will stop placing any new orders in your account.

It works only with Aliceblue , Angel Broking, Fyers and Trustline broker account, if you do not have one, open account using mentioned below link. Users who open account under our referral get additional three months subscriptions at free of cost if they subscribe to one year plan. So all users who open account under us will get 1 year + 3 months of validity. If you have an existing account, you can also use that. You just have to go to this link and enable the trial

Here’s the performance metrics of the Bank Nifty futures Golden Ratio Trading Strategy

The historical results of this strategy can be downloaded from this link

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    1. Our bot works only with four brokers AliceBlue, Fyers, Angel Broking and Trusline

      We provide a 7 days free trial, followed by a charge Rs.29500 per year to access all different trading strategy bots. Minimum capital required to trade cash segment bot is 25k and min cap req to trade fno bot is 50k to trade one lot

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