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Trake Free Trial



Each of our bots is charged around Rs.17700 for one year, we have 10 different trading bots, subscribing to them individually could cost you more than 1.7 lacs per year, however with Rs.29500 per year, you can access all our trading bots now with fixed cost for one full year. You can access the following trading bots

  • ORB Bot
  • Golden Ratio Bank Nifty FnO bot
  • Stop Hunt Bot
  • Nifty and Bank Nifty Option Selling Bot
  • RSI Intraday Trading bot
  • Intraday Trend Trading bot
  • Learnapp Bank Nifty expiry option selling bot
  • Short Straddle Nifty/ Bank Nifty option selling bot

As a quant firm, we continuously work on developing strategies. So even whatever new bots we develop, you can get access those bots as well under this subscription pack. With this combo pack, at minimal cost, you get access to our best performing bots that are completely automated.