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Each of our bots is charged around Rs.17700 for one year, we have 15 different trading bots, subscribing to them individually could cost you more than 2.5 lacs per year, however with Rs.29500 per year, you can access all our trading bots now with fixed cost for one full year. You can access all following trading bots mentioned here

As a quant firm, we continuously work on developing strategies. So even whatever new bots we develop, you can get access those bots as well under this subscription pack. With this combo pack, at minimal cost, you get access to our best performing bots that are completely automated.

Please note that our bots works only with Aliceblue, Angel Broking, Fyers and Trustline. We provide three trading bots at free of cost for all users who open new broking account under Squareoff referral. 

Mentioned below are three bots you get Lifetime access to

31 comments on “Access all Trading Bots Combo pack

  1. I have bought video on bank nifty option selling based on BN open and previous week and yesterday close. Is it ‘Learnapp Bank Nifty expiry option selling bot’?

  2. I have account in Angel broking and zerodha I don’t want to open more accounts until I get some profit can your not interface with any of these platforms?

    1. Our bot works only with four brokers AliceBlue, Fyers, Angel Broking and Trusline

      We provide a 7 days free trial, followed by a charge Rs.29500 per year to access all different trading strategy bots. Minimum capital required to trade cash segment bot is 25k and min cap req to trade fno bot is 50k to trade one lot

      Please refer this link for bots performance metrics

  3. So how does this work? If I buy the combo pack and allocate Rs 2 lakhs per bot, will there be transactions in every bot every day? – Deepak

  4. is it not integrated with zerodha or iifl or icici direct? i have 3 accounts so want know whether you have linked to others also.

    1. We provide fully automated trading bots that can automatically place entry, stop loss and target orders based on inbuilt strategies. Our bot works with four brokers AliceBlue, Fyers, Angel Broking and Trustline. To take free trial use this link

      We provide a 7 days free trial, followed by a yearly charge of Rs.29500 to access 14 different trading strategy bots. However, we provide three trading bots at free of cost for all users who open AliceBlue account under our refferal using this link

  5. I sent mail through your website and also directly on two occasions. No response. Non-communication is a big problem for any fresher to try out. I subscribed on Telegram and received a one-week free trial. What is the use when I am not clear which one to choose for a beginner? I can spare 2 lakhs, which is not the problem, but I do not know where to start. In your daily PNL Report, you mention few bots names and I am unable to correlate. I need your guidance. How do we do it?

    1. Apologies for the delayed response, please share your email id, we shall clarify your queries. We always recommend users to get started with top performing bots like Bank Nifty straddle bot, Golden ratio bot, BNF strangle bot etc. With 2lacs capital, we recommend you to trade with one lot in BNF straddle bot.

  6. Hi ,
    You have so many trading bots that we can choose from. What would further help is to advise which bot is the most useful in the type of market scenario. E.g. In consolidated market scenario a short strangle strategy can work well, I believe.

    1. We mostly recommend the combination following bots

      1. Golden ratio bot
      2. Bank Nifty straddle bot
      3. Machine Learning bot

  7. Hey Can You Give Estimate Of How Much Total Capital I Will Need Trading Per Strategy Of F&O Segment In One Lot ?

    1. Not in near future, as they charge Rs.4000 per month as api charges. We are currently focused on adding brokers who provide free api

  8. Hi Team,
    Can you please tell me how much margin is required using your Bot in Alice Blue for:

    1. Buying one lot of Bank Nifty Options,
    2. Selling one lot of Banknifty Options,
    3. Buying one lot of Nifty Options and
    4. Selling one lot of Nifty Options.

  9. Are there any strategy that works on Commodity and Currency trading. The reason for asking is the money put in trading account can be utilized after Nifty/Sensex gets closed.

  10. i have opened account in angel with your referral code, how can i activate the three lifetime bots promised.

  11. I want free access to “Bank nifty intraday straddle strategy”.
    I am ready to open account with the said broker.
    1)For how long ,I will get free access?

    1. We provide a 7 days free trial, followed by a yearly charge of Rs.17700 to access any one of the trading bots mentioned here, but we provide access to all 17 different trading strategy bots at a discounted rate of Rs.29500 per year. However, we provide four trading bots at free of cost for all users who open Broking account under our referral using this link

      Mentioned below are four bots you get Lifetime access to GRB option buying bot Bank Nifty Options orb Monday bot Orb bank nifty 2pm futures bot – Multi Straddle bot

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